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Epidemics and Pandemics

This article is in conjunction with the basic information that can be found in the 7 Booklets of the First Aid Kit, First Aid Kit dealing with Catastrophe and Disaster as per the STNL website: (The Co-operative Trauma Help Association of the Netherlands. In Netherlands Samenwerkingsverband Traumahulpverlening Nederland)  
And the website of The Vrije Mare:
The Booklets represent all the colours of the rainbow and correspond with the colour formation of the energy centres in our bodies and will be utilised as references in this article.

Content of the article:

  1. What is an epidemic, what is a pandemic?
  2. What are the consequences of an epidemic or pandemic?
  3. What conditions exist that promote epidemics and pandemics?
  4. What can be done to prevent these? What aids are available?
  5. Who can assist in prevention?

1.    What is an epidemic, what is a pandemic?

Definition as per the van Dale dictionary (Dutch) : An epidemic is the occurrence of a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and totally or partially disappears with effluxion of time.
A pandemic is a contagious disease that expands to include an entire country or continent.

Definition as per STNL: An epidemic is caused by each powerful outside stimuli that effects large groups of people. This is not limited to illness creating germs but may also be an event that results mass fear, for example, a bomb explosion, large fires, resulting in shock and fear leading to the origin of a collective trauma in a specific city or area.
This type of epidemic is known as a social epidemic.
Included are sanctions that result in hunger in situations where war prevails.
Chemical stimuli and radiation may result in epidemics.
These two situations also have a great negative influence of the environment.

2.    What are the consequences of an epidemic or pandemic?

We can distinguish between two categories that require help and assistance.
 a.    People
Differentiation is required when dealing with babies, children, adolescents and adults. Babies require a very specific care as after contamination the after effects may be life- long.
Epidemics have a vast socially disruptive effect. Some people may become bedridden as often the issue is difficult to treat forms
Complex and difficult to treat patients may become bedridden and is exacerbated by the death of many. The consequences are a combination and nature of physical, intuitive, mental and relational origins.

The greatest areas of risk during the course of an epidemic are the skin, the airways and body openings such as the mouth, nose and genitals. The skin is naturally exposed to direct contact with penetrating harmful materials.

People with allergies are more prone to epidemics.
Additional care is required for people with allergies as their resistance is lowered, thus their defence at a physical level needs to be increased.
More sensitive persons are also most likely to suffer from allergies. Sensitivity is associated with human evolution whereby sensitive persons experience the world more acutely, resulting in their being aware of what they are dealing with long before others.
The more sensitive a person the more quickly they are out of balance. (Refer to point 4. What aids are available)

 b.    Animals
Publications on the effects on animals are available on the website of “De Vrije Mare” ( which includes epidemics like avian flu, mad cow disease and swine fever.
NOTE: In the area of fertility in animals many problems are encountered. Attention is required in animal husbandry and medicine to address this problem.

3.    What conditions exist that promote epidemics and pandemics?   

 a.    Negligence and indifference.
Negligence in your fellow man can result in that people are less connected and bound to each other. This leads to a chaotic structure both within the individual and the society that is often concealed by defensive behaviour and projection. This is at the expense of the solidarity and loyalty within the community.
Disrupted societies or communities that have been disrupted by war or nature disasters, all the effects become visible such as, insufficient food, hygiene, water pollution, inadequate housing etc.
As the levels of indifference increase epidemics will gather momentum and expand further.

 b.    The absence of solidarity.
Epidemics tend to spread more quickly as the connection between people decreases.
When a tangible connections exists in a community then a group aura field is established. This group aura field acts as protection for all the participants. An epidemic does not easily manifest itself where a community is in balance. There are indications that this produces a protective effect.
An epidemic without solidarity produces a double epidemic, and eventually a pandemic. Mutual connection gives epidemics less chance to spread. Feeling safe produces resistance to epidemics.

 c.    Fear.
Fear makes one vulnerable. Where collective fear exists it is also categorised as an epidemic, fear epidemic.
Fear is extremely contagious! Fear penetrates the natural protection of people and makes then susceptible to negative influences and energies. Fear lays the foundation for the influence and penetration of illness creating germs.
Collective fear thus enhances the spread of epidemics.
Where there is an outbreak of an epidemic this results in the creation of fear and most certainly when it involves a pandemic. In this case the reactive fear further lowers the resistance.

d.    Ground water.

Ground water absorbs the vibrations of an epidemic. When the ground water retains this memory it will enhance the epidemic(s). This protracts the time before healing can take place.
How can you purify this water?
How can you illuminate these negative vibrations?
Homeopathic remedies may be used. Homeopathy works with the Principle of Equality. The remedies to be used can only be determined by an on site inspection.

 4.    What can be done to prevent this? What aids are available?

What aids are these?
A: On a physical or a combination of physical and energetic level (Refer the First Aid Kit, The Red Booklet).
B: On a human or energetic level (First Aid Kit from The Yellow to the Lilac Booklets).

A: On a physical or a combination of physical and energetic level.
 a.    Vaccinations.
When the immune system of adults and children do not function at optimal efficiency and the health services and living environment do not offer sufficient care, the risks are increased when illness breaks out on an individual or collective level.
The decision to- or not to vaccinate remains a personal decision as vaccination, on one side, reduces the sensitivity for certain diseases and suppresses them whereas on the other side it may increase the risk. This is dependent upon the sensitivity of the children and adults to them.
Where ever areas exist on earth where children and adults are exceptionally or potentially exposed, due to their immune system being compromised including individual as well as the population, the health services are inadequate to deal with a specific illness, then vaccination may be employed as an emergency solution. This then to protect and preserve their health.
The essential interest and investment in Health Services as a whole, should remain a focal point in Policy making and development. This is also true for the improvement of the environment as this, in turn, promotes the natural immune system of the people.

 b.    Without a doubt good food, clean water, good sanitation are imperative in the prevention and eradication of a disease outbreak.
 c.    Homeopathy
       (Refer to the Yellow booklet)
Homeopathy has a long homeopathic tradition that has existed through the centuries. Cholera was combatted in 1658.

There are various remedies that increase resistance, refer to the First Aid Kit.
Concetrate of Diospyros Kaki can help in preventing the establishment of fear and in the prevention thereof and is also effective for use in a fear epidemic.
Concentrate of Diospyros Kaki is also a very good remedy to employ on a large scale where radiation epidemics exist. Also on an individual basis. From a homeopathic perspective such an epidemic has a its characteristic that people have an expressionless look. Their cell structure is in chaos, on the inside it is a mess.
In Scotland a specific type of granite has been discovered that is very taut and hard on the exterior and in the interior it is a chaotic. When radiation illness in people is treated with this concentrated granite the effects of radiation are neutralised and balance is regained.

“I” replacement in adults and children:
Some epidemics result in the “I” identity fading from the heart, the essence of people resulting in the fading of the “I” identity.
For example, after a long period of hunger or where children have lost their parents in a war situation. The Thuja Occidentalis D30 (VSM) is a good remedy to employ. Refer to the Bach Blossom and Homeopathy in The Yellow Booklet.

Here follows atranslated article from the Dutch magazine “Ode”:

Homeopathy in India
Mahatma Ghandhi referred to homeopathy is a “refined method to treat patients in a cost effective and gentle manner and that the Government should promote this in our country”.
This is, in fact, what happened. In 1960 with the acceptance of the Law of Maharashtra, also known as the Bombay Law, a panel of examinators where installed whose elective was to teach homeopathy including the establishment of new institutions to promote this learning and knowledge. A controlling governmental institution was called into life to regulate and grant permits to members of this professional group.
9 years later a new law was enacted that called into being a Central Board regulate homeopathy and Ayurveda, the two traditional means of medicine practised in India.  1973 saw the creation of The Homeopathy Central Council Act that standardised homeopathic practices in India’s various States.
With the advent of these regulations the rich homeopathic traditions that originated in 1839 were formalised. Doctor John Martin Honigberger, a Romanian, successfully treated the Maharadja of Punjab for paralysis of the larynx. Dr. Honigberger was a student of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who is the founder of homeopathy and was convinced of its effectiveness when he cured himself of malaria. After treating the Maharadja, Dr. Honigberger moved to Calcutta where he became known as ‘the cholera doctor’ due to his successful treatment of the disease with the use of homeopathic remedies. In 1867 Dr. Zalzar, from Vienna, moved to India to teach homeopathy and two of his students established the first Homeopathic High School in 1878.
The British Government was not in favour of the homeopathic movement, thus the movement only began to flourish after India’s Independence in 1947. B.H.

B. On a human/energetic level.
 d.    Natural protection.
The natural protection of people is also dependent upon a well- developed energetic field that surrounds them, the personal aura.

It is highly likely that positive energy neutralises negative energy but does not eliminate it. Therefore it is important that people remain in contact with light as it provides them with protection, which in turn, prevents negative energy from entering.
This concerns not only sun light but also Cosmic Light. (Refer to The Lilac Booklet)
Visualisation of the radiating light of the aureole that surrounds the body protects against the attack by dangerous viruses and bacteria. This may be compared to the (radiating) aureole that some artists used in their paintings in the past.
Imagine that your body has an energy field that directs itself from the inside outwards. This is a healing light frequency.
One can also visualise this as the most beautiful light that glows from a lamp, soft white or soft yellow glow that is completely transparent.

Whatever exercise you do always end with this visualisation!

This is important for all people but also for the relief workers. Relief workers are indispensable, courageous and committed men and women filled with compassion for all suffering.
However, when relief workers operate with too much compassion their personal aura field may be disturbed making them more vulnerable. They are then too open. (Refer to The Lilac Booklet)
Where a relief worker operates within his/her own power then the aura field is constant and equally encompasses and surrounds the body. This is important to ensure his /her protection and invincibility.
Should a relief worker not be anchored and earthed within his/herself whilst operating in such a contagious environment, then they run the risk of being infected.
A person becomes more invincible when he/she enters the situation with pure intentions and without self-assuredness of his/her own worth, when helping the needy. The patients are in this way assisted to once again function within their own power.
A proven and very effective method to strengthen the balance, self-protection and power is the Naming Exercise.
For insight consult The Lilac Booklet and the website of “De Vrije Mare” wherein the latest and extensive version of the exercise is contained. The possibility is available to obtain this exercise in a separate booklet (it still only exists in Dutch).
Using this exercise you create and strengthen your own personal frequency field, the essence of who you are!
It resists the more subtle fields that seek to penetrate. These can be very penetrating and aggressive, sometimes in spiral form, or soften the skin to afford penetration.
Various “penetrative techniques” exist and shapes that form part of the ether. It is now essential that the mouth cavity, nasal cavity etc. are adequately protected to offer resistance and to ensure that nasties are filtered to prevent deep penetration.

The most pure form is to consider your body as holy and serving as a vehicle to your soul.  
On a daily basis, give accountability that you are capable to follow your re-incarnation instruction, and in the process honour your body as an aid that assists you in attaining this instruction. This increases your natural resistance. This, however, does not preclude that on occasion illnesses are avoidable as they form part of the evolutionary process (pure inspired information).

Developing Prana Breathing.
(Refer to The Indigo Booklet)
Try and ensure to absorption of Prana energy and to optimise the flow. Meditatively practice absorbing the life-giving Prana from the ether field. Prana absorbed via the crown of the head and the other chacra’s from the ether, often vibrate with sensitivity through the spinal cord canal. Prana keeps our organs energised and vital.
Prana energy flow during an infection often functions below average due to people feeling compromised in their physical well-being resulting that the breathed Prana takes place insufficiently.
This means that persons’ who are adept at Prana breathing and have sufficiently practised meditation are less prone to risk than persons’ who have neglected their Prana house- keeping. The spiritual body lives off Prana, thus the contact between the spiritual and physical body needs to be fed enabling a person to correctly evaluate the situation.

(Refer to The Red Booklet)
Reload water before drinking to a higher frequency.
Continually speak in the word Love or a Healing Prayer known to you.
Well-known are the investigations and conclusions of the scientist Emoto.

Consume lots of clean water if possible! When you are thirsty then illness creating germs can congregate in one place, this does not benefit the body. The craving for water is the need that the body as to flush out any un-wanted foreign elements.

Rest is recommended and driven activity or agitation should be avoided. Agitated behaviour increase the risk of absorbing unwanted unhealthy elements. Speak calmly, reasonably and only when necessary. Save energy. Avoid over-fatigue.
Seek out a clean environment like the sea or forest.
 e.    Attentiveness and development (in contrast to inattentiveness).
A first requirement is that a person is attentive then to further develop this trait whereby a basis is created to connect with others and in conjunction an epidemic can be prevented and protected against.
Attentiveness, in itself, also has a preventative effect.
For example notice the bodily changes like frequent blinking of the eyes, increased coughing and deal with these symptoms accordingly.

 f.    Healthy community feeling.
A healthy community feeling that originates from mutual inter-connectivity that allows people to be free within themselves functions as a collectively strengthening phenomenon.
This type of community feeling offers a high degree of protection to its participants.  This in contrast to community feeling that has its source in curtailment or compulsion without respect each participants own identity.

 g.    Energetic care from a distance.
Practised people can from a distance, provide energetic care to an area that has been affected by an epidemic.

 h.    Help from an invisible world.
(The Lilac Booklet)
In conjunction with the solidarity mentioned before that can be seen in the positive inter-connection between people on a horizontal plane, inter-connectivity also exudes from an invisible source that is of a greater order: this “connectivity” is a vertical plane. Where people are comfortable within themselves and exude a healthy aura, it may happen that they are in essence in communication via dialogue, this coming forth from the harmony that exists. This harmony may be in the form of a light beam that acts as a tunnel from above offering additional connective power that can be utilised. Deep prayer may also have this effect.

 i.    Following a calling.
(The Lilac Booklet)
Those who function via a “Higher Calling” find themselves in a different energy field which, in turn, dictates a different style of functioning. This results in the individual enjoying an increased immunity and is not easily infected.

 j.    Consolation.
(Refer to The Green Booklet)
Affected people can give each other solace and consolation to better deal with the situation. This feeling of security offers a greater resistance against epidemics. Epidemics have less opportunity to infect.
 k.    Miscellaneous.
Possible manipulation of epidemics.
Epidemics can be consciously planted and assisted in their spreading.
These may be characterised by great financial advance being gained, for example, companies that develop vaccinations. Once a vaccine has been developed against a serious and contagious illness, Governments decree that all people be vaccinated. Those who elect not to be vaccinated may become ill and endanger the environment, in exceptional cases even be a danger to National Health.
He/she then forms a danger to like-minded people who have also opted not to be vaccinated.
As far as is known Netherland has not had a compulsory vaccination program. This discussion does, however, raise its head from time to time.
For example consult Google: “Overheidsdwang bij Vaccinatie”. (Compulsory Vaccination)

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