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What we can do to assist animals (both domestic and farm animals) in the event of a calamity.

Preliminary signs.
The use of signs and imminent preliminary knowledge in animals in conjunction with an approaching calamity or other major catastrophic events.

For humanity it remains seductive to read in nature what we would like to see rather than what really is. Events and happenings that are unusual, meaning those that vary from normal patterns or those that differ from predictable daily behaviour, can often have great meaning.

Portents of precursory signs often involve an instinctive observation being made that is internally focussed on the elements of nature. This is a gift of which most are no longer consciously aware. As humanity begins to understand the language of animals better we are able to make more and more connections in the patterns of nature and the behaviour of animals, as well as the association of these to our own lives.

To explain the signs of behavioural aspects of animals to their natural environment only takes place when one has thorough knowledge of animal behaviour in that specific natural environment. The variations of normal behaviour in the daily environment can be an indicator of imminent change.

In addition to in-depth experiential knowledge of these behaviours a healthy dose of logic reasoning is also required. It is important to realise that when we operate from in-depth experiential knowledge, we do not need to force (invent) associations between nature and our own lives. Any associations will automatically become clear to us.

How to deal with (possible) large scale death of animals in general, domestic and farm animals.


Prior to a catastrophic event it is important to determine possible escape routes, for example should a fire or flood occur. Are safe places available in the immediate vicinity? Should evacuation be required, how should this be organised. Which areas will be eligible for evacuation, for example higher places areas of estates/farms. Is there adequate food available?

In the event that not all the animals can be saved one needs to choose which should be saved. It is important to choose a fertile male and female from each animal group present in addition to a representative sample of the various generations present e.g. a younger and an older animal. Older animal generations carry inherent in them a type of knowledge consciousness that is attached to a larger collective field from which they are derived (originated).
Viewed from this perspective an older pig, cow, horse, sheep or goat may represent a greater value than the animals of a specific age group that are plentiful in number. The older generation still retain the knowledge of what age means. Thus when choosing due consideration must be given to the inherent knowledge field that the animal(s) represent so that this may be passed onto new generations.

A large problem in the Netherlands is that there are few older animal generations left in the population. Virtually all male animals are killed and the general age for consumption is at most one seventh (1/7th) of their normal lifespan.
Furthermore a mass trauma exists among animals, this without a disaster taking place, due to the fact of how people deal with animals in the bio industry sector.
This still excludes the impact of large scale culling in cases where possible contagious diseases are possible.
Farmers who still possess older animals should be held in great regard.

In the event of flooding or other water catastrophe, the animals that cannot be evacuated should be released from their pens or cages. Gates in the meadows should be opened.

Animals saved from a water catastrophe should not be used for consumption. Should this be the case a new fracture level will be created.

House pets, birds in cages etc. should as far as possible be taken with when evacuation occurs. House pets are extremely important for children. Indirectly they provide rest, peace and cohesion in the family. Thus an evacuation “suitcase” should also be available for a house pet in the event of a calamity occurring.

Where large groups of animals die simultaneously, in for example culling, then ether harmonisation may help the victims understand and have a healing effect about what has occurred. This healing effect may be achieved via prayer, stomach-pelvic meditation and telepathic communication. Try to make contact with the deceased animals to give clarity to their “question”, what are we doing here, why are we all dead?


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