Crash flight MH17

We the people of STNL (the Foundation for Co-operative Trauma Assistance Netherlands) think you heard about the crash of the airplane of Malaysian Airlines

Providing help from the heartEHBR-Kit no.4:
The Green Booklet

Providing help from the heart

Green is the colour of HOPE

The Green Booklet directs help from the heart to others and oneself.
This means that all you think and do takes place with the intention of love.

To consistently ask yourself that what you are doing or thinking is done with love. This is important because every group that desires to survive, whether consciously or unconsciously, is in contact with others located in different areas in the world who are also experiencing difficulties.

Click [ The Green Booklet-pdf ] to download in PDF-format.

Click [ The Green Booklet-doc ] to download as Word-document.

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Radioactieve straling

Wat kun je doen als besmetting met radioactieve deeltjes of blootstelling aan straling dreigt of heeft plaatsgevonden?
De hierbij aangereikte informatie kan niet totaal beschermen bij blootstelling aan radioactieve stoffen en/of straling. Maar met de tips kan wel vermindering van de gevolgen worden bereikt.
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