Crash flight MH17

We the people of STNL (the Foundation for Co-operative Trauma Assistance Netherlands) think you heard about the crash of the airplane of Malaysian Airlines

Types of disasters; general introduction

Natural disasters

Different types of natural disasters are at the present time confronting humanity, worldwide.
This activity from within the earth can no longer be curtailed. The earth has been so contaminated and depleted on the surface due to the exploitation of minerals that the deeper layers of the earth are surfacing to give new biotopes a chance. This is in fact a gift from Mother Nature to humanity as a whole. Without this upheaval we cannot enter new life phases.
Phrased differently: the earth is subservient to human development, yet cannot afford to degrade her role in this. Earth needs to cleanse herself from time to time to enable contribution.
At a deeper level humanity realises this and as a result worldwide more attention and care is being given to the environment. Unfortunately the willingness to impose drastic measures is as yet insufficient.
Nature cannot be blamed. Humanity is subservient to nature, especially when situations arise in Mother Earth that are too large for humanity to control or circumvent.

Disasters caused by human failure

Failure due to ones’ own doing is often rated considerably less than failure of third parties
especially where the consequences are great.
People are inclined to attribute to others qualities and possibilities that transcend themselves. These other persons are therefore required to prevent and avoid these disasters. When this is not the case and these persons are not able to control the circumstances surrounding a disaster they are heavily blamed and held accountable.
Those who wish to remain true to themselves in a calamity will need to reserve their own energy to survive the situation in which they find themselves.

Disasters as a result of terrorist activity

A terrorist attack causes tremendous feelings of panic, fear, horror and anger in people.
Terrorism is premeditated and deliberate act of causing great suffering; loss of loved ones, of goods and physical suffering.

The effect is that terrorism is massively condemned and punished, that in turn gives impetus to new attacks in the future that may last for generations. The origin is located in feelings and thoughts of revenge both in the victims as well as the perpetrators.

How can one prevent this regeneration?

There should exist or be created a feeling of compassion and understanding for the perpetrators as they have felt deprived for a long period of time, not understood and degraded. Due to this they are unable to, in the passage of time, develop themselves and express their true nature.
As a result people eventually rise up at the cost of third parties. This is a gradual development that suddenly escalates. Prior to escalation the development thereof lingers over generations.

Victims of such escalation experience great difficulty in processing the result, partly due to their inability to understand the preceding history of the perpetrators.
In the place of strict punishment one could offer these persons alleviation from their disadvantageous position and present to them solutions that will enrich them internally at a civilised level. Many such initiatives already exist in our society that strives towards giving form to the lives of people so affected.
It is imperative that we all support such activities as much as possible

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