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Radioactive contamination

What can you do when exposed to or being threatened by or contaminated by radioactive particles or radiation?
The following information will not totally protect you when exposed to radioactive particles and/or radiation, but by following the tips a reduction I the effects may be achieved.

Radioactive contamination, useful remedies
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Visualisation to help reflect radioactive radiation
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Radioactive contamination, useful remedies
What do you need to include in your First Aid Kit during a disaster where there is radioactive contamination?

  1. For internal use (preferably in tablet form)
    Homeopathic iodine
    Potassium iodide
    Vitamin B5
    Clay that can be used protectively and to assist healing
  2. For external use
    Medicinal clay where there is radiation or radiation wounds
    Honey as an anti-bacterial remedy

1. Remedies for internal use where there is radioactive radiation (fall-out)

Fall-out is the English word for radiation, which in the minutes and days after the nuclear explosion enters the atmosphere and descends to the earth as radioactive materials round the point of explosion, and may in addition be transported by the wind far from the point of origin.

Use the following remedies with restraint.

Iodine tablets
Where a nuclear explosion is threatening or has occurred it is important to start using iodine tablets as a preventative measure. Also start taking kelp tablets as soon as possible, taking a dosage of 3 to 4 tablets per day. This prevents the body from ingesting too much radioactive iodine as the body is saturated with the healthy iodine that is found in the kelp tablets. Radioactive iodine damages the thyroid gland in the long term.


Magnesium needs to be taken where there is cramping and stiffness of the muscles.
Magnesium is a great “de-cramper” and relaxant.
While under the influence of stress people can easily cramp up. Cramps can literally occur as the body retains more lime to protect itself. Magnesium helps to control and relax the cramping. Dosages of 200 to 1000mg are not uncommon; where 1000mg tends to be on the high side.
When there is no diarrhoea present this does not pose a problem. Magnesium also helps to reduce cramps in the bowels. By using magnesium a person lets everything go, and duly if the dosage is too high diarrhoea can occur. When symptoms of cramps or stiffness are diagnosed magnesium may be dispensed immediately.

Magnesium is well tolerated by the stomach. Should it be taken before just prior meal magnesium neutralises stomach acid that results in a heavy feeling, as the food does not digest sufficiently. The advice is to take magnesium tablets between meals, or timeously before a meal is consumed, so that the body has time to produce new stomach acids before the next meat is eaten.
Many different binding materials exist for magnesium (magnesium is only available with a binding solution).
For example, magnesium sulphate: This should be avoided as this causes very bad diarrhoea.

Magnesium Nitrate is an example of magnesium that has good results in many people. In general, this remedy is well tolerated. Only a few do not tolerate this, but in actual fact, there is not one remedy that is tolerated by all.
You can also obtain magnesium as a salt with many different binding materials, for instance, Magnesium Iodide.

In conclusion: magnesium is a good “de-cramper”: enabling the person to view the situation as it really is. Magnesium binds dust particles and helps these towards the bodies exists where they are excreted.

Potassium Iodide is highly recommended. It is easily obtainable in the form of salt.
High dosages are not recommended as potassium affects the heart pump that ensures the equilibrium of salt and potassium in the body.
Iodine stimulates the functioning of the thyroid gland. It assists the thyroid gland to review a situation. It helps to tackle situations.
Note: Too much iodine makes the thyroid gland overactive.

Homeopathic Iodine and a supplement of manganese
Avoid where existing radiation damage has occurred, by for example radioactive iodine, the use of ordinary (naturally occurring) iodine, as this material may induce a great temperature increase in the body, agitation and weight loss.
A combination of homeopathic iodine and a manganese supplement helps to guard and protect against the excess of iodine, that was created outside the body by radioactive radiation (via the homeopathic iodine) and replenishes the shortage of manganese, the opposite to iodine.
Homeopathic iodine may possibly also guard against the absorption of radioactive iodine, even if this is only in part.

Manganese restores rest. Manganese is a basic protective material that should be distributed worldwide to persons who have a shortage of this in their bodies. Manganese makes the body more resistant against radiation.
Too much manganese reduces the efficiency of the thyroid gland, thus the balance between manganese and iodine should be controlled. When you are very tired, retain moisture and gain too much weight due to inefficient functioning of the thyroid gland, then one needs an intake of additional iodine. Thus adhere to the prescribed dosage.
Manganese also works protectively on the mental and psychic area of a person, and provides, as they say, more “backbone”.

Lecithin opens up the lymph glands and activates the heart. It acts as a fat solvent and has a high vibration index that activates the heart. This is one of the materials that are important in cleansing the body.

Vitamin B5 is also a material that needs to be present as a detoxification agent.

Clay (Argil) and Seaweed, both have a healing effect.

It is known that seaweed has high iodine content. Clay is known for its cleansing effects.
The thyroid gland benefits from the sea iodine found in sea salt.
Many different types of clay exist: this may be purified soil, such as white loam and green clay that may be used both internally and externally as a cleansing agent for the body. Clay, when used internally, naturally absorbs damaging materials and acids. These leave the body by excretion.
Where too much is used this may lead to blockages, like constipation, and can also lead to dry skin. Taking Vitamin D can improve the condition of the skin.
Thus, clay is beneficial, but needs to be used sparingly! Also do not use clay for longer than 10 days.
A good clay type is Luvos Heilerde.

Norit helps purify the stomach and intestines. In addition, it also helps with diarrhoea.

Other fall out elements:
There is other important fall out elements. Iodine has already been discussed.
There are a lot of different types. Most of these elements naturally live for a short period of time and are therefore not of interest to us. Iodine has a long life span. And so there are a few others as well.
Plutonium is the source of all fall out and is extremely poisonous. So also is uranium as an element for plutonium.
Only in certain tree species can uranium be spread causing damage, without a nuclear explosion. Uranium may also be found in certain types of bullets. Because uranium can radiate virtually forever, contamination is particularly dangerous, even in small dosages.
Physically you never get rid of it.


2. Remedies for external use where there is radioactive radiation (fall out)


  • Sprinkle the body with talcum powder and rub this in using circular motions, then shake off the hands and commence with a new layer of talcum powder. This layer of powder on the body helps prevent negative materials that are present in the air from penetrating the body.
  • Cover the head with a clean cloth, and refresh often, as hair quickly ingests materials.
  • Use mouth caps and dust masks.
  • Where the air is polluted blink more frequently with the eyes and cough more often.
  • Use eye drops, preferably of the brand Heel.
  • Use a weak salt solution to cleanse out the eyes.

External use of clay where there are radiation wounds due to fall out.

  • Clay does not offer total protection, but helps reduce the penetration of materials that contain radiation, and can accordingly be used preventatively to protect against the ravages of radiation.
  • Use paper-thin layers of medicinal clay on radiation wounds, preferably mixed with spring water. This also helps to increase the body’s defences whilst the radiation is ongoing. Luvos Heilerde clay is, for example, a good option to achieve this goal. When a paper-thin layer of clay is applied to an open wound it helps prevent more radiation from entering the body via this open wound. The thin layer reduces the penetration factor of the radiation whereby the radiation sensitivity of the wound is reduced.
    A paper-thin layer is all that is required otherwise the clay will start caking. When mixing spring water to the clay preferably use a wooden implement, not a metal spoon or implement.

Honey as an anti-bacterial agent with burn wounds

  • Honey is an ancient remedy especially for 2nd and 3rd degree burns. It must be applied to the burn wound and he surrounding skin.
  • When the skin has burnt away there is an increased risk of infection. Infection forms a great risk after burning thus apply the whole area with honey and then cover well with bandages over the whole area (preferably clean bandages).
  • Photographs from Hiroshima were take wherein people are shown whose skin was hanging loosely from their bodies due to an over dose of radioactivity. They could have benefited from applying honey to all the wounds.
  • The advantage of honey is that it can always be kept in stock. Different types of honey are obtainable: cold compressed lime-tree honey has the best anti-bacterial properties.

Visualisation of flickering fluorescent ultra violet light at the outer perimeter of your aura field to reflect radioactive radiation

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