Crash flight MH17

We the people of STNL (the Foundation for Co-operative Trauma Assistance Netherlands) think you heard about the crash of the airplane of Malaysian Airlines

Introduction to Complementary aid in the event of a disaster or calamity

Disasters and calamities are a natural occurrence in all parts of our world. They may be national, regional, community based or even occur in the apparent our home. People and animals are hurt and may be traumatised by these events.

Often professional medical help and assistance by the authorities is present or can be called upon to assist and are trained to provide first line assistance.

Yet all too often these professionals cannot reach the area concerned or are too far away to render assistance. In this event there are very practical and effective ways to render assistance.
This is presented in the following Booklets under the general title of complementary aid that includes physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual assistance for persons in need.
The advantage of the knowledge presented in these books is that it may be applied in conjunction with first line professional medical assistance. It should be noted that complementary aid is not envisaged as an alternative to first line medical assistance but as an addition to and to facilitate the healing process of the human being in a more holistic manner and adds value to the first line medical and professional aid.

The various Booklets provide information at various levels and is not based on any specific religious beliefs, but views all religions as part of a greater and all empowering Universal Power. Thus specific practices and tips are included and promoted while at the same time providing a wider spectrum of assistance to those who wish to utilise this knowledge to the well-being of persons who have been exposed to disasters and calamities, great or small, and to increase their ability to heal themselves and others.

The extensive information on complementary aid is made available to all people throughout the world and it is recommended that persons read and learn the principles presented in the Booklets to prepare themselves in advance to the occurrence or a calamity-taking place. This places them in a better position to help themselves and others.
Professional medical personnel and other help services personnel can also greatly benefit from the knowledge made available in the Booklets and expand on their existing knowledge enabling them to provide a more holistic service to the victims and their patients as a whole.

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Radioactieve straling

Wat kun je doen als besmetting met radioactieve deeltjes of blootstelling aan straling dreigt of heeft plaatsgevonden?
De hierbij aangereikte informatie kan niet totaal beschermen bij blootstelling aan radioactieve stoffen en/of straling. Maar met de tips kan wel vermindering van de gevolgen worden bereikt.
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