Crash flight MH17

We the people of STNL (the Foundation for Co-operative Trauma Assistance Netherlands) think you heard about the crash of the airplane of Malaysian Airlines


You have in front of you the second edition of The Foundation for Co-operative Trauma Assistance Netherlands (STNL): A First Aid Kit for Disasters.
This information is designed for those who wish to timely orientate themselves about what complementary aid can offer should a disaster possibly strike the Netherlands, and thereby to reduce the effects thereof. (The information provided can be utilised effectively, worldwide.)

(In these Booklets 'you' will address you, whereas normally in the Netherlands a person is addressed as 'u' which is an old form of respect, like 'thou'. This is done to address young people more personally in these changing modern times. We humbly ask the older generations for forgiveness should they find this unpleasant.’

Natural disasters due to the changes in the weather systems in these times are hard not to recognise. Also huge disasters as a result of human failing or terrorist activity occur regularly. In the Netherlands one is becoming increasingly conscious of the disastrous results of even a small disaster in our small densely populated country that will result in many casualties, unless we can properly prepare the population in advance. The Government is doing a lot to make people more aware and to help them prepare themselves.
Many programmes are being developed to achieve this goal, for example to increase the immunity of children and adults in connection with material preparations for different types of disasters. What has till now been omitted is the complementary aspect of help and assistance. This is the reason that STNL has compiled these Booklets.

Where is STNL situated in achieving this goal: The persons affiliated to STN come from diverse backgrounds such as social, spiritual and/or religious background. They have in common that they view a person as possessing a soul life, wherein the soul has its own evolutionary developmental process in this life. They share the view that both humanity and the earth are intertwined together in this process. Since 2003 STNL organises multidisciplinary
study courses that have as their goal providing the affected persons, shortly after the occurrence of a disaster, with trauma help extended upon by complementary assistance. Much trauma can be prevented by timely anticipation of what can or may occur. Much of what you will discover in these Booklets requires preparation, preventative action. These preparations are, in addition, also helpful for building and maintaining a vital, healthy, balanced and joyful life. Living from your own authenticity, with an open heart and in connection with your own you, and that of others and with the Universal Source of Power.

What is different in complementary aid?

This type of help and assistance goes out from the premise that the human “soul” knows what must be done when confronted with an emergency. A person, however, only has access to this direction giving inner source, when he is able to resist being swept up by panic and fear, but instead can maintain a deep inner peace and remain in contact with the Source of Life. Then he will receive insights that are, at that moment, best for him and others.
A consciousness may also grow pertaining to the meaning of the events in the development of each individual as well as humanity as a whole and the welfare of the earth. This requires a lot of psychological preparation. It requires continual exercising to be present in the Here and Now as consciously as possible during stressful and demanding life threatening situations. The seven segments of this book contain a number of suggestions, tips and exercises that can be used immediately in demanding and life threatening situations. In this manner you are “ready” should the situation ever arise that you find yourself confronted with an extreme situation, for example a flood, epidemic, water- or air pollution.

This edition consists of seven sections. Ranging from basic survival in The Red Booklet no1, to the spiritual angle in The Lilac Booklet no.7 (see: Table of Contents).

The Booklets are connected with each other. Their content is exactly described.
An omission in one Booklet will short change the other Booklets.

All the Booklets should be presented as one whole.

In all the Booklets cross-referencing occurs.

People may individually decide which Booklet is of interest to them or not.

The collection of advices, remedies, tips and exercises, are a compilation of that which was presented at 9 study gatherings of STNL concerning this subject.
One selection criterion is that is that beginners interested in complementary and/or spiritual assistance should find this information of value and that the advice given is simple and easily applicable. For more tips and exercises, including those designed for (actual) situations and for specific target groups, see the STNL website: (English version).

Compilation of the selection was made possible by Tineke Segaar (management member of STNL), and Frans Feith (Chairman of STNL), Menno Swaak (Financial Controller of STNL and builder of the website), Anke Wijers, Marleen Oosterhof, Luciette van Hezik and Jeanette Veenhuizen.
All this was inspired by and supervised by Marieke de Vrij:

In addition, important contributions and advice were made by:
Marieke de Vrij, Jules van der Veldt, Flemming Lehrmann, Andre Schaap, Frank Jenniskens, Nicolien de Kroon, Marleen Oosterhof, Peter Kieft, Sonja Verberne, Truus Hartsink, Carla Verhagen, Andreas Cuppen and Jan Peter van Lieshout.

We look forward to your comments and feedback via:

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