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Visualisation of flickering fluorescent ultra violet light at the outer perimeter of your aura field to reflect radioactive radiation

How can you protect yourself from radioactive radiation that is released during war, disasters or terrorist attacks?
Complete protection from radioactive radiation of your body and soul is usually not
possible. With the assistance of visualisations and partial reflection you may attain a certain amount of reduction in the devastating effects of radioactive radiation. One may think of for instance that the scientific measurable amounts of radiation can also affect one at the level of the soul and its associated guidance that is freed simultaneously.

What follows hereafter is far removed from most people. It is an unusual to speak about this situation openly as it is not common knowledge in the Netherlands. Yet the type of emergency forces that this should be discussed openly. Visualisation is an aid.
What is visualisation? It means that you imagine something in your mind. This may be colours that you can see or have an image of in your mind or thoughts, or both.

Visualisation is important; because when the air is polluted some of this polluted air enters the house, even when the windows and doors are meticulously sealed.
During the time before the radiation or cloud with radioactive particles arrives it is
important to prepare the body in such a manner, that the intensity of the contamination that is about to occur, penetrates the body as little as possible (refer to the document where tips are referred to on the website). Specific visualisation (of the aura) with flickering fluorescent violet is what protects the aura field against penetration. This you need to visualise to protect yourself.

Visualisation of a flickering (ultra) violet light on the perimeter of your aura
field forms an obstruction to the penetration of radiation.

When the visualisation is effective and works through, this can in a natural way generate immunity. The colour presented below works to deeply relax and to 'decramp' while being infinitely unity forming.
This is a high vibrating violet type light with a strong compact vibration that you cannot avoid. This is how strongly you need to visualise it.

Iodine, originating from nuclear radiation, is a light that enters a person in a flashing and pulsating manner that touches materials and elements and splits them open, and this (ultra) violet light has exactly the opposite effect.

On the computer these colours were collected, and are shown below:


The specific colour mentioned is more on the violet side of the spectrum: a very intense, strong fluorescing violet. The whole colour spectrum is built up from the red chakra’s, to purple; then you get the lilac colours, then the silver and then the gold. The colour mentioned lies in the atmosphere where lilac/violet changes over to silver and becomes totally flickering and fluorescent.



Complementary help to assist radioactive contamination to drained off

taking an alternating bath of cold and hot water (cold–hot; hot-cold) or by rubbing over the middle part of the foot sole with a rough object, like a rough sponge. Stimulate softly to open the foot chakra’s.

2. The spinal cord needs to be warmed up, with hot water bottles or by rubbing with a circular hand motion to warm the area with ever faster circular hand motions. This is required to guarantee and/or activate that flow of life energy (prana), as this flow of energy purifies and works throughout the biological system of the body.

3. Rub vigorously the bone situated behind the ear or massage this area to prevent stuffiness and unclear thinking. Radioactive infusion causes people to get drowsy quickly.
By rubbing the bone behind the ear it may guarantee that one can think clearly and deal more adequately with situations for a longer period of time.

4. Sharp, short exhalation. Once you have taken a breath then force out the air I short sharp bursts towards the ground to reduce burdening the lungs.

5. Radioactivity falls onto the outside of the skin, animals and plants. The skin ingests the dust and the dust is also breathed in. Where this type of fall out is apparent rinsing off your body is of great importance. A great quantity of unpolluted water is required for this. The provision of such water should be centrally arranged, as should drinking water.
Provision should be made to ensure unpolluted water routes to the area. These
provisions and the points at which such water will be obtainable should be generally publicised, for example that unpolluted water will be available at schools or public institutions.

6. This is a type of disaster where all people should, as soon as possible, seek refuge inside be that at home, in schools, restaurants, offices etc. The disaster strikes suddenly and does not offer the opportunity to vacate the area. Transport and traffic is immediately impossible. Families are split up. Many small and/or large groups of people will be isolated. Children attending school can no longer go home, and in this situation there will be many children overseen by few adults. People living alone can no longer communicate by sight with others. Animals or stock in the fields can no longer be brought in etc. Guidebooks should be available are to teach people on how to help themselves in such situations prior to a disaster taking place. The media and the Internet can be important for specific groups of people in such situations. Cell, hand or mobile phones can also play an important role in communication, especially where the traditional telephone systems have collapsed.

7. Sprays should be developed containing a high concentration of oxygen, which may be used for instant inhalation, in First Aid Kits. This ensures that the persons’ body can remain self-sufficient for a longer period of time.

8. Mouth, throat and nose cavities should be kept clean when there is polluted air
present. Clean these areas regularly, gargle frequently, and clean out the nasal cavity gently.

9. When serious radiation occurs spontaneous hair loss occurs. The head needs to rinsed well with purified water to cleanse crown chakra to allow free access for and intake of prana. This is very important.
You can protect the head by wearing finely woven linen caps that let in air. These need to be replaced regularly and disposed of, at least every half hour. This enables the skin on the head to relax.

Visualisation to help reflect radioactive radiation
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2011 / Visualisation of flickering fluorescent ultra violet light at the outer perimeter of your aura field to reflect radioactive radiation / Calamiteiten / © Marieke de Vrij

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